Kratom Bali 15x Extract – Effects & Dosage

Kratom Bali 15x Extract

Bali 15x Extracts

The Bali powder is one of the most favorite (or maybe the most popular and favorite of many mixtures, blends, and powders), due to the fact it is truly a very strong and potent powder that is 15 stronger than your regular powder and offers unique things to the user such as:

  • Very long storage time
  • Very strong effects in small doses (which in combination with long storage time saves you money)
  • Very easy to make at home (no need for very expensive materials which saves you even more money)
  • Very quick absorption time (less than 10-15 minutes, depending upon the intake method) and long-lasting effects (up to 5-6 hours or more, which depends on the dose)

So, as you can see the reason for it being one of the most popular powders is quite obvious. But many (especially people who are new to Kratom and Kratom powders) would wonder what is the meaning of “enchanted powders” or “10x, 15x, 20x and so on…” would mean. This is a reasonable question, especially if taking into account the fact that everyone is used to buying plain powder from various vendors.

What is 15x, enchanted powder and resin?

All Kratom leaves have a certain high (which mostly depends on the strain) concentration of active ingredients called alkaloids; these bioactive substances are the ones to offer you the effects. But in the process of creating powder not all of the alkaloids get released from the leaves and not all are able to show activity (give you effects) when entering your bloodstream. When enchanting a powder or makings a resin out of it you achieve 2 interesting things:

  • You extract more alkaloids from the powder you have
  • You make a very high concentration of them (as we all know- the higher the concentration the less the kratom dosage to achieve the results you want)

15x means that the powder is 15 times stronger than your regular powder and this can be achieved by making resin (as a first step) and turning it into powder (crushing the resin with the help of a blender, or coffee grinder). To make this you usually add 15gr of powder (another reason why it is called 15x) and that’s why it saves you money- you use little amounts of powder (the variations are usually 8gr, 10gr, 15gr and 20gr; this makes the powder last for at least 5 times longer than your regular one)

What are the effects, doses and side effects?

As red Bali is a mostly sedating strain, like all red vein strains the main effects you will experience will be:

As this powder is very concentrated it is recommended to use about half the dose you usually use for starters. When you feel the effects on you can always adjust the dose. The recommended beginning dose is one that must not exceed 5-7gr.

Side-effects from high doses may be a more usual thing than from regular powder and may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Dysphoria (a bad feeling that is the exact opposite of euphoria)

So always beware of side-effects when enjoying such a strong powder.